The campaign #thisismasculine

Can you really be who the fuck you want to be in this society?


#thisismasculinity is a reaction out of the personal astonishment of Nine Kootstra, the photographer and creator of this project, which is confirmed in the research conducted by Promundo. What is life like for men in the ‘Man Box’? – a set of socially reinforced rules that say men should be the alpha male, hide their feelings and look a certain way.


The research revealed that 65% of respondents have been told that “a real man” should behave a certain way. 66% think society expects them to act strong, even if they feel scared. And 56% feel they are expected to figure out problems on their own without asking for help.

Nine Kootstra wishes for everyone to be able to be themselves. And there should be a representation for men who don’t want to keep up with the alpha-male rules. With this series she creates hat representation to create an inclusive society where everyone – men and women – can be who the fuck they want to be.

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All video's below are spoken in dutch